Background of Kuala Langat

The district of Kuala Langat is divided into two administration areas under the jurisdiction of Kuala Langat Municipal Council which cover the area of 62 924 km.sq. The rest of the area is under the jurisdiction of Kuala Langat District's office.

Since the early day, Kuala Langat district is known for the beauty of its beaches especially Morib beach which is the main recreational centre in Kuala Langat. Beside that there is also historical site namely the omission of Sultan Of Selangor ruling era in Bukit Jugra.. There are also places which possess tourism attraction based on culture and local tradition such as the aborigines' village and the traditional Malay village.


The origin of the name Kuala Langat

The name Kuala Langat could be associated with a river by the name of ‘Sungai Langat". Geographically, Kulala Langat is situated at the mouth of the river. According to a verbal source, the word "Langat" is derived from Minangkabau word which means warm water. Back in the days, merchants used Sungai Langat as their trade route and discovered that the water at the mouth is always hot. Therefore in the course of time the place is called Kuala Langat.

Another verbal source stated that there are many fish called "Ikan selangat" in the river. Back in the days, the people who leave near the river involved with fish catching activities. Therefore the name Kuala Langat was associated with the huge activity of selangat fish catching activity.