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  1. Guaranteeing friendly service in quality management and always attentive to customer problems.
  2. The provision of trained and best human resources based on excellent work culture to meet the needs of individuals, communities and countries.
  3. Evaluate tax assessments fairly and fairly and manage the use of MDKL property facilities efficiently.
  4. Managing financially and efficiently in accordance with the Treasury Directive and the prescribed regulations.
  5. Develop sustainable development by integrating land use development through balanced economic, social and environmental development.
  6. Planning sustainable development by integrating land use development through the development of economic, social and environmental preservation balanced.
  7. Implement efficient municipal services and quality to create a comfortable environment, harmonious and prosperous.
  8. Provide and maintain infrastructure facilities in the best way for the convenience of the residents.
  9. Ensure that the building plans and Building Occupation Certificate and the certificate of completion and compliance are processed quickly and efficiently.
  10. Development and maintenance of the landscape to create a beautiful setting in accordance with the concept of "City in a Garden".
  11. Convening meetings of the Committee one stop Center (OSC) twice in one month.
  12. To conduct an audit in a professional manner based on generally accepted standards.
  13. Ensure that legal services and law enforcement are carried out fairly and with integrity.
  14. Ensure that the management and maintenance of buildings and property in the event of a satisfactory buyer and acquire strata titles to such Strata Management Act 2013 and the Strata Title Act 1985.


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